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Technology and Products for High-Speed ​​Imaging

High-speed imaging has a place in dozens of industries. These cameras can capture images like never before, from live sports events to studies conducted in laboratories worldwide. High-speed imaging is used by cities and governments for speed cameras and surveillance, taking photos of objects zooming through the sky, and even troubleshooting machinery in plants.

These cameras are also designed with the latest technology and are consistently becoming faster and more advanced. Understanding the technology and products available for high-speed imaging is essential, so here’s a breakdown of what you should know.

High-Speed Cameras

Dozens of brands make high-speed cameras for a variety of applications. Most of these cameras range in shutter speeds, so you can find cameras that do between 800,000 FPS to 2 million FPS. The average resolution for most cameras is 1024 x 1024 at their usual speed—this depends on the camera.

Top brands known for high-speed imaging have dozens of cameras for every industry. There are ultra high-speed cameras that range in FPS, so you can choose one that suits your project. They also make 4K high-speed cameras, mini high-speed cameras, 2-4 Megapixel high-speed cameras, multi-head speed cameras, and high-speed polarization cameras.

AOS high-speed cameras are an excellent option for anyone who needs incredibly high resolution. These don’t have shutter speeds quite as fast as some other companies but create better images. The AOS L-VIT and M-VIT models are excellent options for quality high-speed photography. This brand also has the AIRBORNE high-speed model, made to resist atmospheric pressure, and long-record high-speed cameras. Shimadzu makes ultra-high-speed cameras. Their equipment ranges from 1 million to 100 million FPS.

With all of these options, you’ll have plenty of choices. At Tech Imaging, we have consultants to help you find the camera package you need for your project.

Hyperspectral Cameras

This type of imaging collects and processes electromagnetic information to create an image. These are primarily used for scientific purposes, especially by space-tech programs and labs to track movement.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras detect thermal energy and turn it into an image. Commonly they are used in construction, agriculture, security, and surveillance. We carry short, middle, and long wavelength infrared cameras ranging from 0.5 μm to 14 μm.

Often the Infratec long-range models are used for purposes like electrical maintenance/surveillance, gas detection, security by law-enforcement agencies and first responders, and more. NiT SWIR cameras (Short-range infrared cameras) are used for solar panel maintenance, seeing through fog and atmospheric events, and even in the food/produce industry to detect pests in food.

Laser Illumination

A short-pulse laser illuminator is a must-have accessory for high-speed imaging. Cameras are all about light, and that includes these incredibly high-tech pieces. The lighting must be correct to capture high-quality images at high speeds. Equip your high-speed camera with a short-pulse laser, so you don’t have to worry about ensuring you have the right lighting equipment. This also makes it easy to take pictures anytime, day or night.

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