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Onsite High-Speed Camera Consultant

High-speed cameras are now used in various methods, ranging from sportscasting to nuclear physics. Usually, the people using high-speed cameras for multiple activities are specialists in their field. We’re the experts in the high-speed camera field at high tech Imaging. There are many different ways to use your equipment, whether renting or buying. You want to ensure you’re getting the most out of this advanced technology. By having an onsite high-speed camera consultant, you can be sure that everything runs smoothly and that you’re getting the images you need to complete your job.

When Should I Hire a High-Speed Camera Consultant?

While these commercial high-speed cameras are easy enough to use for primary purposes, they require some photography knowledge. These cameras work quickly enough to capture moments usually invisible to the naked eye, so you’ll at least need to know how to work the F-stop, apertures, lighting, and shutter speed. It may take a few tries to get the right setting for what you’re trying to capture.

Taking videos with a high-speed camera in an indoor place like a laboratory or factory floor will require different lighting, settings, lenses, and techniques than an outdoor shooting. Someone on your team should understand how to operate the camera for its intended purpose. If you want to be able to do more than the basics, or you don’t want your team to spend their time on a task that isn’t within their expertise, it may be a good idea to have a high-speed camera consultant who can help.

An onsite specialist trained in using and fixing high-speed cameras used for maintenance in factories, research and development of products, material testing, or others is recommended. These industries count on high-speed cameras for their businesses, so if the machine stops working or has any issues, you have an expert there dealing with the damage. Rather than sending off a technician or calling the company and waiting for someone to show up, thereby losing thousands of dollars in productivity, you can have your own consultant fix the problem immediately. You’ll lose free hours to downtime, which is a concern for many companies.

An onsite high speed camera consultant can also come work with your team for a time, at least enough to train them to use and maintain the equipment on their own. This is great for long-term projects, experiments, art/photography classes, and plenty of other applications. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand your staff’s knowledge and help them gain more skills, which is something good management strives for. Plus, you can rest assured that your team will know what they’re doing, be able to work the settings manually, and will enjoy greater productivity because of their new knowledge.

What to Expect from a Good High-Speed Camera Consultant

At Tech Imaging, we have professionally trained and experienced consultants that can help you and your staff with various tasks and activities, producing particular expertise that most individuals don’t have. A good consultant will:

  • Be able to explain every part of the equipment
  • Suggest the best accessories necessary to complete your project/task
  • Train your team on how to use the settings and recommend standard settings for exactly your needs
  • Can identify, analyze, and fix any technical issues and problems
  • Onsite camera operator for a flat fee
  • Flexible and knows specific industries
  • Works with you to complete your daily goals or needs

If your project requires an onsite consultant, the best quality high-speed camera rental, or you’re looking to purchase quality cameras and equipment, call Tech Imaging at 1-800-613-8180 or contact us online. We’ve worked with the high-speed camera industry for over 40 years, always staying ahead of the latest technology! We’d happily send our expert onsite consultant to help with your specific projects and goals.

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