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High-Speed Imaging

High-speed imaging isn’t a new invention. Longevity and development have made high-speed imaging accessible to individuals and businesses across various industries, so you can expect to see plenty of new applications in the coming years. Thousands of state and local governments are investing in their high-speed imaging technology. So is the entertainment and sporting industries. They’re also used in labs across the country and production factories for more quality control and troubleshooting.

Taking thousands of clear, comprehensive shots at incredibly high speeds is useful. From art to security to production, the possibilities of high-speed imaging are endless. Here’s how your industry can benefit from high-speed imaging.

Automation and Productivity

High-speed industrial imaging in production and manufacturing looks different depending on the layout and work type. High-frame rates enable us to see, in detail, how the process is working and identify problems with the machines or mechanisms, saving time and reducing the human risk factor. Some advanced spaces use machine vision, which is an AI-based intelligence program combined with the abilities of high-speed imaging used for automatic inspections.

Motion Tracking Analysis and Safety

High-speed cameras are used in Nascar and Formula 1, as well as other car racing sports, to ensure the safety of the driver—and get great shots while they’re moving! They’re also used by captains and coaches to review video footage of games and see the details of each play so that they can plan better for the next game. When making a call on a play, high-speed cameras are reviewed to see the details of what happened.

Science and Discovery

From the beginning, high-speed imaging was necessary to see how things work scientifically, as these cameras have helped researchers make many discoveries regarding how things move and more. Used in image cytometry, combustion, microfluidics, and digital image correlation, high-speed cameras continue to be developed for scientific purposes.

Defense and Ballistics

The U.S. military utilizes high-speed imaging in all branches, including safety testing and training for ballistics and weapons. Tracking flights, explosion effects, combustion, and engine performance checks are all common uses within the defense complex for high-speed cameras. The military develops unique drone cameras lightweight enough to go on drone missions and help ensure accuracy.

Cameras and Accessories

Several manufacturers are creating high-speed cameras to cater to specific industries. The kind of camera you’ll need depends on what you’re using it for. You’ll have to look at the potential shutter speeds, trigger latency, and field of view. Depending on your setup, you may also have to invest in accessories for better lighting. Your lab or plant will likely require laser lighting or other LED illumination for the best-quality photos. Setting up is another point to consider — you want to ensure all the cables are hooked up correctly and out of the way so they don’t get damaged or interfere.

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