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High-speed cameras are designed to capture events that happen too fast for the human eye to perceive accurately. From analyzing motion dynamics in sports to capturing high-velocity processes in scientific experiments, these cameras serve a wide range of applications. The FASTCAM Mini AX200 is one of the best-performing models in the FASTCAM Mini high-speed camera series by Photron.

Whether for scientific research, industrial applications, or creative endeavors, having a reliable high-speed camera can make all the difference. Among the leading contenders in high-speed imaging, Photron's FASTCAM Mini AX200 High-Speed Camera stands out for its speed, precision, and versatility.

FASTCAM Mini AX200’s Key Features

The Photron FASTCAM Mini AX200 offers exceptional light sensitivity, superior image quality, and high frame rates in a compact camera design. With 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution at up to 6,400 frames per second (fps) and reduced resolutions to 900,000 fps, the Mini AX200 delivers the performance and unmatched clarity required for demanding industries and applications.

Frame Rate Performance Examples:

  • 6,400 fps at 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution
  • 10,000 fps at 896 x 768 pixel resolution
  • 20,000 fps at 512 x 512 pixel resolution
  • 50,000 fps at 384 x 256 pixel resolution
  • 100,000 fps at 256 x 160 pixel resolution
  • 200,000 fps at 128 x 96 pixel resolution
  • 900,000 fps at 128 x 16 pixel resolution

The FASTCAM Mini AX200 provides high light sensitivity, 12-bit ADC, outstanding image quality, and color fidelity even at high speeds. Its sensitivity and low noise levels make it suitable for low-light conditions, expanding its usability beyond well-lit environments. It’s available with memory options of 8GB to 32GB for extended recording times and triggering flexibility.

Despite its powerful performance, the FASTCAM MINI AX200 maintains a compact and lightweight design. This makes it a valuable, portable asset that allows users to easily position the camera wherever needed, whether in a laboratory, on a factory floor, or outdoors in the field.

When it comes to operational features, it offers various connectivity options, including Gigabit Ethernet, making it adaptable to different setups and systems.

Photron provides user-friendly software for controlling and analyzing data from the camera. This software simplifies setup, control, and data analysis, reducing the learning curve for new users.

Target Applications for FASTCAM Mini AX200

Its compact size, measuring 120mm x 120mm x 94mm (4.7" X 4.7" X 3.7") and weighing just 3.5 lbs, makes the FASTCAM Mini AX200 a superior model in the line. It’s developed to operate in high shock and vibration environments, making it a versatile tool for demanding applications such as fluid dynamics, defense and aerospace research, biomechanics, and automotive safety testing.

Fluid Dynamics

Understanding fluid dynamics is crucial in various industries, from automotive engineering to aerospace research. The FASTCAM Mini AX200 captures high-speed fluid movement, such as shockwave propagation, cavitation bubbles, and turbulence. Researchers and engineers rely on this camera to gain insights into fluid behavior, leading to improved designs, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced performance in various systems.

Defense and Aerospace Research

In defense and aerospace research, every millisecond counts. The AX200's impressive frame rates and high-resolution capabilities allow for the analysis of rapid events, such as missile launches, impact studies, and aerodynamic testing. Its compact size and durability make it an ideal choice for field applications where precision is paramount.


Biomechanics is the study of how living organisms move and function. The FASTCAM Mini AX200 is an indispensable tool in this field, enabling researchers to capture detailed, high-speed images of movements in humans and animals. This camera helps in analyzing muscle contractions, joint movements, and the mechanics of impact injuries, contributing to the development of safer sports equipment and medical devices.

Automotive Safety Testing

Safety is a top priority in the automotive industry, and the AX200 plays a vital role in automotive safety testing. It can record high-speed crash tests, airbag deployments, and vehicle dynamics with remarkable clarity. These recordings are invaluable for improving vehicle safety systems, crash testing, and overall driver and passenger protection.

Premier High-Speed Cameras

Photron's FASTCAM MINI AX200 High-Speed Camera is a testament to the advancement in high-speed imaging. Its speed, image quality, portability, and versatility make it an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications. Whether you're a scientist, engineer, filmmaker, or artist, this camera has the potential to unlock new dimensions in your work. With the AX200, you can truly unleash the power of speed and capture moments that were once beyond the reach of conventional cameras.

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