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How High-Speed Camera Rental Could Be Right for You

High-speed cameras are a necessity in today’s world. These cameras capture moments that pass by too fast, producing more than 250 frames per second—depending on the camera.

Government agencies use them for speed cameras. The entertainment industry uses high-speed cameras to film certain scenes and events. In contrast, these cameras capture high-action moments that a regular photographer would miss in sports.

Scientists use high-speed cameras for light and sound experiments, photograph or film wildlife, and many other ways.

Whatever your project is, at Tech Imaging, we can put together custom high-speed camera rental packages to suit each client.

Choose Your Time Frame

Whether you need to rent high-speed cameras for a week, a month, or a year, our experts at Tech Imaging can help. We also have long-term leasing options, so you can rent cameras for 24, 36, and 48-month periods without breaking your budget.

With a lease on equipment, you’ll also save money come tax time as they are an operating expense rather than an asset you own. With that, you can also look into our equipment accessory packages, where you can rent the proper light fixtures, laptops (for viewing the images), various lenses, and even trigger systems.

Best of all, our rental packages allow you to buy the equipment at a fair market price, so you’ll save money should you decide to possess your setup.

Choose Your Cameras

Tech Imaging has a variety of high-speed cameras, from hand-held high-speed options to large, ultra-high frame systems. All you need to do is let us know what you’re using the camera for, decide whether you want color or black and white, and tell us if you need any accessories like lenses or tripods. We do have a variety of rental options and encourage customers to talk to us so we can create the best custom package for your unique needs.

Our high-quality cameras come from the best-known manufacturers for high-speed cameras. We have cameras from Photron, AOS Technologies, Shimadzu, and Pharsighted available.

Photron cameras are used by military agencies and automotive companies, as well as for aerospace, medical, and scientific purposes. Shimadzu has the most ultra high-speed capabilities, with cameras capable of 10 million frames per second and 10-nanosecond shutter speeds. Pharsighted cameras have ultra high-speed camera capabilities with longer recording duration than a Shimadzu camera.

Call Us Today

If you require high-speed camera rental, give Tech Imaging a call at 1-800-613-8180 and talk to an expert about your needs. We have all the equipment necessary for your company or your project. We provide the complete one-stop high-speed camera package from cameras, lighting, lenses, and other essential equipment.

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