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Onsite Consultant Services with High Speed Cameras

High Speed Camera Rental SetupTech Imaging Services has over 35 years of hands-on experience in the high-speed imaging industry.

Acquiring great high-speed video footage takes more than just a great camera. There are often challenges associated with proper lighting, choosing the correct lens, optimal frame rate speeds, exposure times, camera triggering, etc.

Allow us to offer you a dedicated high-speed camera operator to work directly at your facility with all the necessary camera equipment for the job.

Onsite consultant services also allow our team to work directly with your company representatives to help provide them the hands-on education and training, to assist anyone who wishes to broaden their capabilities in the field of high-speed videography.

Our high-speed camera services consist of arriving at the client’s premises with the high-speed camera equipment; evaluation and discussion of application; set-up and shooting of videos, as well as providing the customer with data ready for viewing.


In-House High-Speed Camera Lab Testing:

In House High Speed Camera Lab Testing

Accelerate your product insight by submitting your company products/samples to our office for video production. This easy low-cost option helps ensure accuracy and integrity of test results without delays. Ship directly to us your company samples, and we can set up your products alongside a high-speed camera to help capture-&-provide further understanding and insight of your own products the following reasons:

  • Knowledge of the equipment- Don’t know the techniques of framing, lighting and acquisition? Take the learning process out of high speed imaging and let our experts handle it Regulatory Compliance – Lab testing enables you to meet regulatory requirements for your product performances.
  • Performance Testing – Perhaps your brand makes claims about how your product stands up to repeated rigorous usage. Or maybe you want to verify its performance to meet specific industry standards.
  • Review Your Results – Review examples of test configurations and images before testing. We will provide your company with a hard-drive with all the high-speed camera video results to play back for further reviews and analysis. Your engineers might need to use these videos for different product materials or product design changes. Whatever the case, you will have a better understanding of how your company products perform, and that wouldn’t be possible without the use of high-speed cameras.

It is our policy to return all material samples upon completion of testing


Benefits of Hiring a High-Speed Camera Consultant:

  • Any high speed camera for the task at hand alongside a camera operator for a flat fee.
  • Onsite Consulting will help view, analyze, and properly respond to the problems which could save the company thousands of dollars in lost product revenue.
  • Hiring a high-speed camera consultant can help realize short-term goals for a daily rate while working alongside Engineers to offer real-time solutions.
  • Gain access to specialized skill sets and equipment that might not exist in house.
  • Flexible for project specific work.

It’s always a daunting task for managers to solve company problems on top of normal day-to-day duties. Tech Imaging Services offers a turn-key solution with onsite high-speed camera consulting; which will provide you the dedicated efforts towards video data collection, formulating and implementing necessary policies to solve the problem at hand.


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