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Tech Imaging Services is the United States premier distributor of New Imaging Technologies (NIT) SWIR infrared cameras, as well as InfraTec MWIR and LWIR infrared cameras.  We offer a complete spectral range of infrared imaging technology of more than 15 infrared camera models.  Our various infrared camera products are used for capturing infrared videos to help provide invaluable environmental and intelligence data solved by infrared and thermal imaging technology that cannot be achieved with the naked eye.  



(SWIR) Short Wavelength Infrared Cameras

0.9 – 1.7 μm Wavelength Range

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Infratec (MWIR) Middle Wavelength Infrared Camera

(MWIR) Middle Wavelength Infrared Camera

2.0 – 5.7 μm Wavelength Range

Infratec (LWIR) Long Wavelength Infrared Cameras

(LWIR) Long Wavelength Infrared Cameras

7.5 – 14.0 μm Wavelength Range

Complete Infrared Camera Assortment

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