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High Speed Cameras

Range of High Speed Cameras, Ultra High Speed Cameras, High-G High Speed Cameras, Streaming High Speed Cameras 

SWIR Cameras

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) cameras are affordable, deep-cooled SWIR cameras with imaging capability from 900 nm to 1.7 µm.  Made by using state-of-the-art InGaAs material, all sensors are developed and manufactured using proprietary and innovative manufacturing platforms at their France facility.

InfraTec’s high-end thermography systems of the ImageIR MWIR and VarioCAM HD LWIR cameras product lines are conceived for application with highest standards in the fields of research and development, non-destructive material testing and process monitoring.

Laser Illumination

Maximize the performance of your high-speed camera systems with a short-pulse laser illuminator to eliminate the motion blur of fast-moving objects; see through the over-saturated glare of arc welding and explosions; enable clear visualization of additive manufacturing processes for quality assurance.

CAVILUX laser products are powerful high-frequency pulsed diode laser light sources designed for high-speed imaging applications.

Due to its ability to see through heat and blinding brightness, it is especially suitable for studying high-temperature processes and methods. Possible applications include welding, coating, flow and particle measurement, material testing, ballistics, explosions, shock waves and special visualization techniques such as Schlieren imaging.

Cavitar Welding Cameras

Cavitar Welding Cameras provide clear visualization of welding processes, making them appear as if they were cold. Our solutions range from complete, compact ready-to-use visualization systems, including a camera, integrated laser illumination, and optics, to highly customizable systems tailored to specific customer requirements.



Industrial & Scientific Camera Accessories

We offer a variety of High Speed camera accessories from lenses, illumination, and triggers.

Refurbished Equipment

All of our pre-owned equipment has gone through Tech Imagings' rigorous 30-point inspection. Prior to sale, all camera equipment will be returned to the factory to get a final seal of approval as well as receive any appropriate firmware upgrades.

This gives you the peace of mind that all equipment, new or pre-owned, will be in fully functional condition. Some of our equipment may have minor scuffs or scratches. Any defects on any of our pre-owned equipment is merely cosmetic.


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High Speed Legacy models are still a good choice for the consumer with lighter needs or smaller budgets.

High quality brands such as Photron and AOS are available, in a wide selection.

Photron | FASTCAM SA3


Photron | FASTCAM IS-1M