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What are the Key Features of a High-Speed Camera?

High-speed cameras have dozens of uses and specialties. When you use one of these super high-tech cameras capable of catching thousands of frames per millisecond, it is vital to understand high-speed camera key features and add-ons necessary to get the job done. Specialty cameras, like Cavitar welding, infrared, and laser illumination equipment, are essential for many special projects. 



Features to Look for in a High-Speed Camera

The features of high-speed cameras vary from model to model, so each company produces cameras for different purposes. For example, some high-speed cameras are used city-wide to catch speeding cars. Others are used to shoot sporting events or by professionals in industrial settings. 

Photron high-speed cameras are popular for microfluidics, military testing, aerospace engineering, automotive, broadcast, particle image velocimetry (PIV), digital image correlation (DIC), and ballistics testing, according to their company website. The critical features of these cameras include super high speeds. Some models have an FPS (frames per second) speed of over 2 million. They also have 4k and high-speed cameras that shoot high-quality 2-4 megapixels. 

AOS Technologies makes cameras and video systems for aircraft and aerospace testing.

Pharsighted creates cameras for various industries and is known for its ultra high-speed imaging capabilities.

High-Speed Imaging with Lasers

Lasers are used to illuminate a scene that regular cameras and even high-speed cameras cannot capture on their own. For example, factories use high-speed cameras to ensure their machinery is working correctly, but it’s hard to capture in a dark space unless you have the right lighting equipment. The right lighting equipment is not the same as any other camera for high-speed cameras. 

A short-pulse laser illuminator will help sharpen images and eliminate motion blurs. They’re also necessary for any work that involves bright flashes, like welding or explosions. 

The Cavitar Cavilux HF Light Sheet Optic adaptor is an excellent option for labs, as they form a thin sheet of light that helps make 2D slices into 3D slices. Laser illumination systems emit light at hundreds of watts for as short as 50 nanoseconds. This is vital for most high-speed camera imaging. 

Cavitar Schlieren Imaging Solution is a true plug and play solution designed to be up and ready in minutes. With a variety of custom drop-in mask options, our Schlieren system has been optimized for use with Cavitar's CAVILUX laser illumination. The powerful pulsed diode laser light source enables achieving high sensitivity and the extremely short pulses enable visualization of fast phenomena without motion blur and you get to capture mind blowing footage.

Welding Cameras

Welding applications require the use of high-speed cameras for precision and quality assurance. Cavitar welding cameras are explicitly created to combat the glare from the process to produce quality photos or videos to ensure the process is correct. It’s a complete camera system that includes the necessary lighting and can be used for nearly any type of welding. 

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