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For applications that require a powerful light source for visualization and accuracy, the Cavitar | CAVILUX HF Illumination Laser is a powerful high-performance pulsed diode laser light source for high-speed cameras. It’s a versatile tool used in scientific and industrial R&D work.

The CAVILUX HF provides high pulse frequencies with a very high power output ideal for thermal light-emitting processes, including welding, coating, material testing, ballistics, and expositions. While there are applications in almost every field that utilize laser illumination, the type of laser used varies based on the type of material, speed of operations, and the type of work or field. This allows for accurate imaging with processes involving heat or bright light with even the smallest or fastest of objects.

High-speed imaging is a flexible diagnostic tool but has some restrictions for certain applications, like the emission of light. In welding or ballistics, bright lights can interfere by obscuring necessary image details.

Laser illumination solves the issue of lights blinding the camera. Cavitar laser illumination systems, including CAVILUX HF and CAVILUX Smart, use laser beam patterns to allow evaluations that are otherwise impossible with conventional or no lighting.

The sharply focused beam of laser illumination allows high-speed imaging cameras to analyze processes by seeing through bright emissions of light.

Cavitar | CAVILUX HF Laser Features

The CAVILUX HF has a maximum duty cycle of 2%, enabling it to operate at frame rates up to several hundreds of thousands of frames per second. Equipped with a visible green laser beam, the CAVILUX HF is available in wavelengths including 640nm (visible) and 810nm (invisible).

CAVILUX HF has a fiber core diameter of 1.5 mm for optimized power and brightness—making it 4-11 times higher brightness than comparable models, like the CAVILUX Smart. Enhanced brightness allows for illuminating small areas from a certain distance as well as greater distances for certain areas.

Monochromatic and low-coherence light ensures the best possible image quality without chromatic aberrations or speckle. You also have the ability to change illumination optics for even the smallest spaces or the greatest working distance.

The laser has the capability of producing pulses at high speed (up to five per one camera exposure), offering greater flexibility and precision in high-speedimaging. Additionally, the laser's duration and repetition rate can be varied, further enhancing its versatility. This feature is beneficial for clarity in images as the shortness of pulses eliminates motion blur, resulting in meticulous imaging for comprehensive analysis.

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