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Cavitar C400 Welding Camera

As the core of the welding process emits a very bright light that blinds the eye and standard camera systems, it makes it challenging to visualize any of the monitoring processes. Cavitar Welding Cameras provide clear visualization of welding operations with options that are compact and ready to use in even the most challenging environments.

Cavitar Ltd is an expert in diode laser illumination, offering versatile solutions for industrial monitoring systems and manufacturing machinery. The C400 Welding Camera is a ready-to-use visualization solution with a camera, integrated laser illumination, and adjustable optics.

The C400 Welding Camera is a 4th generation unit that can be used in most major welding processes such as GMAW (MIG, MAG) and TIG as well as major beam welding processes like CO2 laser, fiber laser, diode laser, and electron beam.

The C400 system can be adjusted for automated procedures, so operators can perform their work from a safe distance, reducing the risk of exposure to heat and dangerous fumes.

The max resolution for this unit is 1440 x 1080 with a frame rate (fps) of 70. Working distance ranges from 150 to 300 mm with a laser wavelength (nm) of 640.

Field of View Ranges
Working distance 150 mm - 28 x 21
Working distance 200 mm - 40 x 30
Working distance 250 mm - 51 x 38
Working distance 300 mm - 62 x 47

As it’s designed specifically for demanding environments, the C400 incorporates illumination and cooling channels. Cooling options include passive with heatsink, heat conduction, and active cooling with air and liquid.

Cavitar C400 Welding Camera Applications

High-speed imaging has come a long way in recent years, making it easier and more accessible to slow down rapid processes to gain insight into what would otherwise be undetected to the naked eye.

The Cavitar Welding Camera can be used in a range of industries and it’s suitable for quality assurance, machine vision, and welding research applications. The C400 is used in many target applications including TIG welding, hybrid (laser and arc), electron beam techniques, robot, semi-automated, linear, and orbital welding.

Welders and operators can adjust the process in real-time and minimize downtime or lost production, making it a versatile and crucial component for analysis.

To ensure the appropriate welding camera for the job, the Cavitar C400 Welding Camera is a perfect choice with its clear, high-resolution images, adjustable optics, and suitability for application-specific implementation that is suitable to use in demanding environments.

Cavitar C300 Welding Camera and Applications

The Cavitar C300 Welding Camera is a similar option with integrated laser illumination and optics that are highly customizable to meet specific customer needs. It’s a robust unit that’s compact and ready to use, making it accessible and easy to integrate with a range of applications and in demanding environments.

With a pixel resolution of 1440 x 1080, 640 wavelength, and a max frame rate of 70, the target applications for this unit include GMAW, hybrid (laser and arc welding), semi-automated, orbital welding, TIG, and plasma.

Like the C400, the C300 is a laser class 3R solution that features a fast set-up time with easy integration. Both are suitable for 24/7 industrial use and improve working ergonomics for welders.

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