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In a world of evolving technology and innovation, the need for speed and precision continues to drive progress in many industries. As the world’s first backside-illuminated, full-frame high-speed camera, the Pharsighted E9•80S Ultra High-Speed Camera is cutting-edge technology that pushes boundaries in capturing and analyzing fast-paced events, providing a critical tool for researchers, engineers, scientists, and manufacturers.

The Pharsighted E9•80S Ultra High-Speed Camera has emerged as a game-changer in high-speed imaging. With several features that make it stand out from its predecessors, this high-speed camera is a coveted tool among professionals across various industries.

Pharsighted E9•80S Speed and Resolution

Its speed and unmatched light sensitivity make the E9•80S ideal for an advanced range of applications like ballistics, impact testing, shock waves, fluidics, and tensile testing—among many other applications that require visualization at over 100,000 fps. The E9•80S ultra-high frame rate maxes out at 2,457,000fps at 640 x 32 for over 9 seconds of record buffer with maximum memory option. Global electronic shutter with 98ns minimum exposure time and 342ns straddle time captures the distinct detail in any high-velocity movement.

Back-side Illuminated (BSI) CMOS Image Sensor Frame Rates:
640 x 480 pixels at 272,000fps
640 x 384 pixels at 336,000fps
640 x 256 pixels at 492,000fps
640 x 128 pixels at 918,000fps

In addition, the class-leading backside-illuminated sensor with an ISO of 160,000 monochrome and 40,000 color provides unrivaled clarity and precision when capturing events occurring in the blink of an eye as well as efficiently capturing images of difficult subjects that have yet to be experienced.

Unparalleled Performance and Storage

It comes with a standard 1.6 TB storage with a buffer of either 216GB or 432GB of RAM. A U.2 NVMe drive provides fast, long-term, and cost-effective storage that is readily available to create a streamlined workflow and save time. Write speeds allow immediate backup of the image buffer or significant capture rates directly to the SSD. Additional storage is available and operates seamlessly with current operating systems.

Proprietary SLOW Software is included and operates on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms, which allows for control and monitoring in live and playback mode from the image's internal buffer. RAW image data and metadata files can be converted to standard video and imaging files, such as AVI, JPEG, and Tiff sequences.

As technology continues to advance, the Pharsighted E9•80S Ultra High-Speed Camera is an example of an innovative tool that empowers professionals to explore applications and analyze within their diverse industries. Whether it’s the intricacies of fluid dynamics, monitoring the manufacturing processes, or capturing the split-second moments that define sports and entertainment, Pharsighted offers a range of models that will meet your needs.

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