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AOS PROMON 2000 High-Speed Streaming Camera

The AOS Technologies PROMON 2000 is a standout for high-speed recording with precision and clarity. Capturing moments in high-speed imaging comes with challenges, but the PROMON 2000, with its exceptional capabilities and breakthrough technology, is a game-changer in the industry.

PROMON 2000 High-Speed Streaming Camera Specifications

The PROMON 2000 High-Speed Streaming Camera boasts an array of key features that cater to professionals across industries, offering an impressive combination of speed, resolution, and versatility. Unlike traditional high-speed cameras, the PROMON 2000 is ideal for long recording time applications. It features a 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection that can stream at 1000fps in 8-bit mode with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels directly to a PC. The 12-bit sensor captures recordings at speeds up to 300fps for high dynamic range.

Key Specifications

Max Resolution/Max Frame Rate: 1920x1080 @ 1000 fps
Max Frame Rate: 50,847 fps
Max Shutter Speed: 10 µs
Bit Depth: 12-bit
Interface: 1Gb/10Gb Ethernet

A sophisticated camera system that redefines the boundaries of what’s achievable in high-speed imaging, the AOS PROMON 2000 offers unmatched clarity with high light sensitivity and dynamic range even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

PROMON 2000 also provides seamless integration with a comprehensive software package like Imaging Studio V4. You’ll find both recording and post-processing to be intuitive and efficient, creating a straightforward process from start to finish.

Engineered for Diverse Applications

AOS Technologies delivered another “first to market” with this high-speed streaming camera—the PROMON 2000 is invaluable across industries including scientific research, industrial troubleshooting, and engineering where precision and accuracy are crucial.

One of the most notable aspects of the PROMON 2000 is its adaptability across multiple industries. In scientific research, this camera plays a pivotal role in studying rapid physical movements, such as material fracture, fluid dynamics, and combustion processes. Its ability to capture events that occur in fractions of a second provides scientists and researchers with invaluable data for analysis and understanding.

In industrial and manufacturing settings, the PROMON 2000 aids in quality control, fault analysis, and product development by allowing engineers to analyze processes and machinery at an incredibly granular level. This capability can identify flaws, optimize performance, and streamline production processes.

AOS Technologies continues to innovate, striving to enhance their capabilities, improve performance, and broaden applications. The integration of newer sensor technologies, increased frame rates, and improvements in data transfer and processing put the PROMON 2000 at the forefront of cutting-edge imaging technology.

AOS Technologies PROMON 2000 represents a pinnacle in high-speed streaming cameras, offering unmatched capabilities that redefine what's possible in capturing and analyzing events that we cannot see with the naked eye. Its versatility and exceptional performance make it an indispensable tool across diverse industries, shaping the way we perceive and understand the world.

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