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In high-speed imaging, capturing clear images under extreme conditions is a challenge that industries ranging from ballistics testing to manufacturing face daily. The quest for a solution that offers precision without compromise has led to the development of cutting-edge technologies, among which the Cavitar CAVILUX Smart UHS is highly recommended for ultra high-speed laser illumination.

With a powerful pulsed diode laser light source, very short pulses, and high repetition rates, it’s an ideal light source for ultra high-speed cameras up to 10 MHz. The CAVILUX Smart UHS can generate pulsed light power at hundreds of watts at as little as 10 ns pulses. The light output is essentially monochromatic with a low degree of coherence, making it ideal for illumination purposes due to no chromatic aberrations or speckle. The versatility of pulse duration and repetition rate paired with an ideal light source make it an excellent choice for schlieren and shadowgraphy applications.

On its own, high-speed imaging is an incredibly powerful diagnostic tool. It’s not without limitations though, particularly when it involves the emission of light, like in welding or ballistics testing. The bright light can blind the camera, obscuring details that are crucial to capture. That's where laser illumination systems like the CAVILUX laser lineup come in. Laser illumination enables high-speed imaging cameras to see through bright emissions of light that otherwise would be impossible with conventional forms, and provides precision for detailed analysis of processes.

Features and Specifications That Set It Apart

The Cavitar CAVILUX Smart UHS is a state-of-the-art laser illumination system designed for the most demanding high-speed imaging applications. This system sets a new standard in the industry, thanks to its features and performance, which include:

Wavelengths available: 640 nm (visible), 810 nm (invisible)
Laser class: Laser class 3B or 4
Power available: 200/400 W @ 640 nm, 300/500 W @ 810 nm

Pulse Duration/Frequency Examples
10 ns - 10,000,000 Hz
50 ns - 10,000,000 Hz
100 ns - 10,000,000 Hz
1 μs - 1,000,000 Hz
10 μs - 100,000 Hz

Brightness and Clarity: The CAVILUX Smart UHS delivers exceptionally bright and coherent light, enabling the capture of clear, high-contrast images even in challenging environments.

Versatility: With its ability to operate over a wide range of wavelengths, this system is perfectly suited for various applications and diverse industries including shock waves, ballistics, welding, and material testing.

Pulse Duration and Repetition Rate: The system offers adjustable pulse durations and high repetition rates, allowing for precise control over illumination to ensure every detail is captured with clarity.

Ease of Use: Designed with the user in mind, the CAVILUX Smart UHS is not only powerful but also easy to operate, ensuring seamless integration into existing high-speed imaging setups.

Why Choose CAVILUX Smart UHS?

For prospective customers in the market for laser illumination solutions for high-speed imaging, the CAVILUX Smart UHS offers several compelling advantages. The clarity and detail of images captured with the CAVILUX Smart UHS can significantly enhance analysis and decision-making processes in critical applications. Built to the highest standards and with a range of applications in mind, the CAVILUX Smart UHS is designed for durability and consistent performance, even in the most demanding environments where the detailing of processes is of utmost importance.

The Cavitar CAVILUX Smart UHS illumination laser system is more than just an illumination solution, with its advanced features, unmatched performance, and versatility across various applications, it stands out as an invaluable tool for many industries.

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