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Polarization High Speed Cameras

The Photron CRYSTA polarization high speed camera were researched and developed as the first high-speed camera with polarization sensitivity, and it took more than five years to complete. The polarization high-speed image sensor of the core device was created by the fusion of the photonic crystal micro polarizer array and the high-speed image sensor. Photron incorporates the sensor of this completely new concept in a high-speed camera and contributes to the further expansion of the high-speed imaging area. The need for polarization-based dynamic structure analysis and high-speed object recognition is increasing. On the other hand, conventional high-speed cameras have not been sensitive to polarization.

Photron | CRYSTA PI-1P High Speed Polarization Camera
1024 x 1024 @ 7,000fps

Photron | CRYSTA PI-5WP
848 x 680 @ 250fps
2893 ns