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New SenS 1280 smart version

In the world of imaging technology, the SenS 1280 Smart SWIR camera stands out as a game-changer. Developed and produced by NiT in France, this remarkable camera boasts an array of impressive features that deliver crisp, low-noise images with exceptional clarity and accuracy. With its high-definition resolution, automatic gain control, and advanced image processing capabilities, the SenS 1280 sets a new standard for imaging excellence.

Unparalleled Image Quality

 At the heart of the SenS 1280 camera lies a high-definition resolution of 1280Ă—1024 pixels, coupled with a pixel pitch of 10 microns. This powerful combination ensures exceptional image quality, allowing for the capture of fine details with remarkable clarity and accuracy. The SenS 1280 camera's read-out noise of only 30e- further enhances its sensitivity, making it the best performing camera in the market. In fact, it is four times more sensitive than cameras with a 5-micron pixel pitch.

Advanced Image Processing Capabilities

Equipped with advanced onboard image processing, the SenS 1280 HD SWIR camera - Smart version offers unparalleled performance that surpasses industry standards. Let's take a closer look at its key features:

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

The SenS 1280 camera incorporates an automatic gain control (AGC) feature, which ensures optimal brightness and contrast levels in any lighting conditions. This capability eliminates the need for manual adjustments, simplifying the imaging process and enabling precise detail capture even in challenging environments.

Automatic Integration Time (AIT)

With the SenS 1280 camera's automatic integration time (AIT) feature, the exposure time can be automatically adjusted to match a target brightness. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments and ensures consistently accurate imaging results.

On-board Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) and Bad Pixel Replacement (BPR)

To enhance image quality, the SenS 1280 camera incorporates on-board non-uniformity correction (NUC) and bad pixel replacement (BPR) capabilities. These features correct irregularities and replace defective pixels, resulting in superior image quality and ensuring that every detail is captured precisely.

Quantum Efficiency (QE)

The SenS 1280 camera boasts a quantum efficiency (QE) of over 80%. This high QE maximizes the camera's sensitivity to shortwave infrared light, enabling accurate detection and analysis even in challenging conditions.

Frame Rate and Region of Interest (ROI)

With a frame rate of 60Hz full frame, the SenS 1280 camera ensures smooth, real-time imaging. This high frame rate allows for the capture of fast-moving objects with precision and accuracy. Additionally, the camera's region of interest (ROI) feature improves imaging efficiency by allowing users to focus on specific areas of interest, further enhancing the overall imaging experience.

Genicam Compliance for Enhanced Compatibility

The SenS 1280 camera is Genicam compliant, supporting both CameraLink and SDI interfaces. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of systems, providing flexibility and ease of integration into various applications.

Applications in Machine Vision and Surveillance

Thanks to its impressive features and advanced capabilities, the SenS 1280 HD SWIR camera - Smart version is ideally suited for machine vision and surveillance applications. Its high-definition resolution, low-noise imaging, and automatic control features make it an invaluable tool for capturing fine details and ensuring accurate analysis in these fields.


The SenS 1280 HD SWIR camera - Smart version is a true technological marvel. Its exceptional image quality, advanced image processing capabilities, and compatibility with various systems make it a top choice for professionals in the field of imaging technology. Whether used in machine vision or surveillance applications, the SenS 1280 camera sets a new standard for imaging excellence, delivering crisp, low-noise images with unparalleled clarity and accuracy. Experience the power of advanced imaging technology with the SenS 1280 Smart SWIR camera, please contact us for more information and request a demonstration.

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