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Photron High Speed Cameras

Photron is the world's leading manufacturer of high speed digital imaging systems. Photron high speed cameras have become trusted by leading research customers worldwide to provide reliability and high performance in the most challenging imaging applications.

Photrons extensive range of high speed imaging products includes megapixel image resolution recording at up to 2,100,000 frames per second (fps), 4k high speed cameras, 4 megapixel hi-speed cameras, high-definition 1080 resolution for broadcast imaging, ultra high sensitivity for florescence microscopy and ruggedized systems for on-board automotive safety testing.

Our selection of High Speed Camera brands.We offer a large variety of high speed cameras and brands that cover a large variety of applications.

Photron has consistently expanded their range of high speed cameras to support the advancement of photo optics and electronic technologies, contributing to the progress of research and development in the fields of digital imaging and slow motion analysis. They cater to various markets including microfluidics, military testing, aerospace engineering, automotive, broadcast, particle image velocimetry (PIV), digital image correlation (DIC), ballistics testing, and more. As the leading global market provider of high-end, high-speed cameras, Photron continues to innovate and develop state-of-the-art products that are well-suited for demanding high-speed applications in industries such as automotive, military, aerospace, medical, scientific research, development, and manufacturing.

AOS Technologies is at the forefront of the industry as a premier producer of exceptional high-speed cameras and imaging systems. Our cutting-edge technology is utilized across the globe in challenging environments where precise and accurate high-speed recordings are essential. Our high-speed cameras offer the ability to capture intricate details of impacts, providing profound visual insights into accidents and events. These cameras are indispensable in various sectors such as industrial, automotive, defense, and space applications. AOS high-speed cameras deliver unparalleled insights into rapid mechanical movements, playing a fundamental role in facilitating accurate motion analysis.

Shimadzu ultra high-speed cameras feature the fastest cameras on the open market capable of motion sequences at ten million frames-per-second and 10 nanosecond shutter speeds. Medical science and engineering have made significant advancements thanks to visualization technology. For instance, we have seen the development of microscopes that can magnify observations of microscopic phenomena that are invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, X-ray inspection systems have allowed us to observe images using light at wavelengths that are imperceptible to us, and infrared cameras have provided further insights. Our eyes are limited in capturing events that occur in less than 50 to 100 milliseconds. Therefore, the use of high-speed video cameras has become essential to record these rapid occurrences and then play them back at a slower rate for visualization purposes. Serving as the go-to tool for visualizing ultra high-speed phenomena, the Hyper Vision high-speed cameras have played a crucial role in enhancing our understanding across various fields.